Animal Encounter

Radical Creatures at the Museum

Creation Discovery Museum
2701 W Cypress Creek Rd,
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309

Greet, touch & feed some of God's living creatures at the Creation Discovery Museum. You won't want to miss our live animal encounters!



TIME: 2:00PM
COST: $5 per child. Adult with child (FREE)
(Sorry, No refunds unless canceled by CSI.)

***Please ensure you select an available time and a ticket price for each attendee. Children $5.00 each and Adults with children Free. Thank you.***

Saturday, May 26
Terrible Lizards

Meet the Lizard that can walk on water! CSI's Veterinarian and friends of the ministry will be presenting their Creatures this Saturday at the Creation Discovery Museum. RSVP today 954-771-1652. Only $5 for kids, Adults are FREE.


Radical Creatures Gallery