Water Water Everywhere…

Water Water Everywhere…


If this title sounds familiar, it is because it was borrowed from the classic poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by English poet, literary critic, philosopher and devout Christian Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772- 1834). In this poem, the protagonist finds himself and his shipmates adrift in a windless ocean without an adequate water supply on board. The reason I am using this example has to do with the current state of modern mariners. Not those making their way on the oceans and waterways of our planet, but those who would speculate on voyages through outer space to our planetary neighbors.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958. They have been speculating about the existence of extraterrestrial life for more than half a century. When I say “speculating,” I mean spending billions of taxpayer dollars (466 billion by some accounts) on their search to prove that we are not alone in the universe. The fact that they understand that water is absolutely essential for life as we know it is evidence that they are able to think in a logical fashion.  

What is disturbing about these evolutionary speculators is their lack of good judgment when it comes to the observation that life only comes from life. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that water can produce life, even what evolutionary scientist’s label simple or primitive life. That itself is a departure from the reality of what we observe, because even the origin of a self-replicating molecule, evolution’s best guess for the precursor to life as we know it, remains firmly rooted in the world of speculation.

Recently, the Associated Press (AP) has circulated a news story claiming that “Mars said to have flowing water.” What was their evidence? Well, they have known for some time that there is water on Mars. They have observed that, like our own planet, Mars has polar ice caps. And, “since liquid water is essential to life, finding it could have major implications for the possibility of microscopic life forms on Earth’s next-door neighbor,” writes the AP’s Marcia Dunn. It is clear that finding running water would be supportive of their evolutionary claims, but there is a considerably large fly in this evolutionary ointment.   

Does the discovery of rivulets on Mars support the claim of running water on the red planet? Well, not really, but rivulets, if that’s what they really are (their words not mine), are supposed to be indirect evidence of running water on a planet whose average temperature is minus 85 degrees Fahrenheit. But hope springs eternal in the minds of evolutionists, because we are told that during the summer, they have registered a temperature of only ten degrees below zero near one of these dark narrow streaks that are being called rivulets. Once again, evolutionary scientists are not making conclusions based upon what they observe, but rather would they think might have happened in the far distant past or might be happening right now, in some underground aquifer below the surface. This is in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. They remind us that salt can melt ice and salt has been known to be part of the composition of water. So, ergo, there is running water somewhere on Mars.

Perhaps the plight of the ancient mariner is closer to the predicament of NASA and other evolutionary scientists than anyone might think. The water surrounding the seamen of Coleridge’s poem could not sustain human life in spite of the fact that many evolutionists claim that life on Earth began in the ocean. The frozen water that exists on Mars can neither produce nor support life, but that will not dampen the hopes of the evolutionary faithful. The real evidence is discounted so that mere speculation that is little more than wishful thinking can be presented as not only possible, but really quite probable.

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