Student Atheists Organize Highschool Clubs

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Student Atheists Organize Highschool Clubs

It’s not a new labor union, and it’s not an educational support group for the godless. It is as the Religion News Service reports, the slow and steady growth of high school atheist clubs springing up across the country. In the Huffington Post online article, the progressive news organization reported, with help from the Secular Student Alliance -- a national organization of more than 300 college-based clubs for freethinking students, there were about a dozen clubs of this ilk at the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year. This is a number that has increased to 39 in 17 states by the start of summer break.

One of the major complaints concerning the formation of such groups was the resistance offered by some public school administrators as well as the excuses they voiced concerning their reluctance to allow these free thinking teens to assemble after school. While most student groups usually have a common activity that binds them together, i.e. Bible study groups, astronomy or chess clubs, etc., one wonders what activity might be in view for these young atheists other than their common animosity concerning the Creator.
Many school administrators have chosen to sidestep the issue altogether. It has been held constitutional for a school to simply deny all students the right to form clubs as a matter of school policy. They cannot be said to be discriminating against anyone if they deny everyone, without exception, the right to form an after (or before) school club. It may be patently unfair, but it is lawful.

The other excuse for denying students their right to an atheist’s club are concerns that it is too controversial and, therefore, it might disrupt the educational process. While I am not in agreement with using this reason to prohibit students their right to free assembly and/or speech, I do understand why in some communities administrators want to make certain that an atheist’s club does not become a target for abuse from fellow students or a cause célèbre generating future student conflict.

I do not think that those who have trusted in the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, should be afraid to apply God’s light in the form of the Word of God to any subject. I am confident that light will always dispel darkness; therefore debate is healthy, as long as it is a fair and open discussion. We can be confident as well that error will always lead to confusion and bondage, but the truth will continue to set people free.

I recently commented on this Huffington Post article. I sometimes browse the articles on this progressive website and occasionally comment, putting my own two cents into the mix. Here is an example of one such interaction in the thread discussing these student atheists:

A person named Allan B. opined, “gogogo BOOT out the religion from school. it has no place in the science and maths. Religion should only be practiced within the confines of the family.
Dont indoctrinate us!!!!”

To which I replied:

You might want to consider that allowing only one theory of origins to be taught and not allowing any criticism of that theory to be offered might also qualify as indoctrination. It certainly does not sound like education.

Now I do not expect many who visit this left-leaning website to agree with me, I do look forward to to injecting some reality into the comments that appear there. Occasionally I find myself defending my Lord and Savior, who really needs no defense from me or anyone else. Sometimes I just try to introduce some common sense into remarks on a particular thread.

I will no doubt continue to browse the Huffington Post online and comment when I think I can maintain a good witness on behalf of Bible believers everywhere. The move among young atheists to gather in clubs celebrating their mutual disbelief in the Creator should not disturb us in the least. In fact, the Creation Studies Institute (CSI) has an excellent resource, The Case for the Creator DVD by one-time atheist and skeptic, Lee Strobel. You can preview this lawyer’s journey from atheism to faith in God here.

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