Global Warming vs the Word of God

Global Warming versus the Word of God

It didn't take long for someone in the Washington press core to link Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to a question about whether or not the President will reconsider his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords.

What would happen if anyone bothered to quote the Signs of the Times from the Messiah's Olivet Discourse?

Matt. 24:4-5 DECEPTION. This is the primary weapon of Satan, John 8:42-47. Many come in My name saying, “I am the Messiah” and many will be deceived.  False religions and cults have proliferated.

Matt. 24:6 WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS, but do not be alarmed (fear not!) the end is still to come.

  • Four major wars in the first five centuries AD
  • From 1066 to 1478, twenty-three wars including nine crusades
  • From 1494 to 1914, three hundred thirty-nine wars
  • From 1915 to 2012, one hundred and four wars (in less than one century!)


  • From 1947 to 2013, there are sixteen continuing conflicts ongoing
  • From 400-800 AD, various famines associated with the fall of the Western Roman Empire
  • From 639 to 1916, ninety-five famines with approx. 400 million dead
  • From 1917-2017, forty-four famines with approx. 85 million dead (in one century!)


  • From 17 to 893 AD, sixteen earthquakes recorded
  • From 1037 to 1800, sixty-six earthquakes recorded
  • From 1802 to 1900, forty-seven earthquakes recorded
  • From 1900 to 2000, three hundred twenty-four earthquakes recorded (in one century!)
  • From 2001 to August 2017, four hundred fifty-three earthquakes recorded (in 16 years!)

Labor pains begin as a warning of what is to come, Ps. 48:6; Jer. 48:41; Rom. 8:22.

At CSI, we realize that reporting techniques have improved over the past two thousand years. We understand that this will cause an increase in the ability to track conflicts and natural disasters, but the increases in wars, famines, earthquakes have been exponential in the last century. These “signs of the times” should not be ignored.  

As the great deceiver continues to inspire panic over temperature fluctuations, the real danger of people dying in their sins, John 8:24, is completely ignored by a world that is estranged from its Creator. Let’s partner together in prayer as we stand firm in the glorious gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.


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