Marking Time from the Eternal Perspective

Marking Time from the Eternal Perspective


There is no doubt that the God who created the heavens and the earth desires us to be able to mark the times and the seasons according to His Word. The ancient Israelites were a people acquainted with both the nomadic lifestyle as well as one being settled in their own homeland. This was due in part to their 40 years of wilderness wanderings after their Exodus from Egypt. They also experienced a more stable settling in the land promised to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However, even this was disrupted by the Assyrian (8th century BC) and Babylonian (6th century BC) captivities. Finally, the last diaspora that began in the second century AD with the Roman defeat of the Bar Kokhba rebellion only ended in 1948 with the reestablishment of the nation of Israel in their ancient homeland.

Throughout their history, God gave Israel holy days such as First Fruits a.k.a. Ingathering that were linked to their seasonal harvests. These holy days also had prophetic implications. Passover, Ex. 12, was symbolic of God’s plan of salvation, e.g., exemption from judgment by the blood of the Lamb. Another example of this prophetic meanings is the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost, Acts 2:1-4. This holy day originally commemorated the giving of the Law 50 days after the first Passover. Later, it marked the giving of the Holy Spirit to those who trusted in the risen Savior after the final fulfillment of the Passover sacrifice. These holy days also had practical connotations such as instructions every seventh or Sabbatical year, Ex. 23:10-11, to allow the land to lay fallow, allowing it to experience its own sabbath rest.

But how should believers in Messiah mark time today?

We are going to live forever with God in eternal glory, John 3:16. When we are born again, we are bonded together with the Messiah, and thereby have eclipsed the time-space continuum. When you realize this spiritual truth, you can begin to see things form the eternal perspective. This allows us to “see the end, from the beginning,” knowing that every circumstance in our lives will glorify God, and ultimately end up benefiting us, Rom. 8:28-30.

As we begin to understand that we can “see the end, from the beginning,” we realize that you and I “cannot lose.” Messiah will never leave or forsake us, Heb. 13:5. Because all of His promises are true, we are already more than conquerors through God’s love, Rom. 8:37.

While the evil teaching of evolution continues to permeate the educational system at every level, we will remain committed to the Word of God. The world, the flesh and the Devil continue to conspire against God’s people, we who serve the Lord at the Creation Studies Institute will continue to stand firm in the Lord and the power of His might, Eph. 6:10. While the evil teaching of evolution continues to permeate the educational system at every level, we will remain committed to the Word of God. We covet your prayers and financial support to continue to fight the good fight. We thank everyone who has partnered with us over the years to share the gospel of our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As those who have been eternally bonded together with the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit, John 17:20-24, we want to remind everyone that we no longer view time as we once did. God’s plan is that we renew our minds daily through the washing of the water of the Word, Eph. 5:26. We will no longer mark time from a carnal perspective. Instead, we will realize that the only things that will have eternal benefit is what we accomplish while we are motivated by God’s love and empowered by His grace.

We want to remind all our extended CSI family that we are all overcomers in Christ. Therefore, all the “overcomer’s promises” listed in the book of Revelation belong to us. This is the biblical definition of an overcomer.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?  I John 5:4-5

Submitted by Pastor Steven Rowitt, Ph.D.



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