An introduction to the study of creation including proofs against evolution.
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I. Course Description

The book of Genesis particularly in the first eleven chapters builds an important foundation for our Christian doctrine. All Christians should be aware of their origins, especially our future Church leaders. Taking the Creator away has been an historical battle since Adam’s fall. Christianity is continually being attacked at the ground level. Remove the Genesis account and the cross will follow.

This 14 -week course will take an in-depth study of the first eleven chapters of Genesis. It will provide the serious student with a scriptural and evidential apologetic to view the origins of the world and mankind. Throughout the course there will be many evidences or scientific facts that will be integrated with the word of God that many Christians need to know to be better witnesses for Jesus Christ. The Creation/Evolution debate will be studied and tools will be given to overcome many current arguments that evolutionist like to use. Students will become stronger in their faith and be equipped to teach others about the importance of the creation account as recorded in Genesis.

II. Goals

Cognitive Goals

1. To provide an understanding of the major Biblical historical events found in Genesis that our foundational Christian doctrine is based upon;

The Fall
Noah’s Flood
The Tower of Babel
Christ Death and Resurrection

2. To integrate the Word of God with evidences that supports the Creation account.

3. To utilize creation resources and know how to give intelligent answers for our faith

Spiritual Goals

4. To become better leaders in our faith by understanding the horrific consequences of evolution are result of comprising the Word of God, particularly in Genesis.

5. To be more effective witness for Jesus Christ because you can give a reason for your faith.

6. To become stronger in your faith by seeing how we can worship your Creator by experiencing His glory though His Creation

III. Instructor: Tom DeRosa

One time a devout atheist and ardent evolutionist became born-again Christian 1978.
He is Executive Director and founder of the Creation Studies Institute since 1988.
A certified science teacher in many areas in high school and college
Taught for over 35 years (the majority of time at Westminster Academy 25 years)
Host’s “Genesis Connection” radio program
Tom is highly regarded as leader and speaker by the Institute of Creation Research and with Ken Ham’s “Answers in Genesis” creation ministries.
He is a sought-out as national speaker and Creation Leader by church leaders and the secular media.
He has appeared on public and religious broadcasts many times and has participated in informal and formal debates in the public media.

IV. Materials:

*Evidence for Creation by Tom DeRosa (2007)
*Book: Evolution Fatal Fruit (2006) by Tom DeRosa
*Recommended Book: Refuting Compromise (2004) by Jonathan Sarfati (Master Books, Green Forest AR)
*Note: All can be purchased in class

V. Requirements

3. FINAL EXAM 30 %


Students are expected to attend all class sessions, take notes, and
participate in discussions when appropriate.  Attendance constitutes a
portion (10 %) of your grade for each class in which you enroll.  Any more than
3 unexcused absences will result in your failure of the class.


Promptness in attendance is an act of respect to instructors and fellow
students. Plan to arrive before the class is scheduled to begin.


After each unit Study Guide Questions should be answered. They will be collected and graded at least two scheduled times during the term. The dates in which Study Guide Questions will be collected will be announced during class.


The last scheduled class a comprehensive multiple choice test will be administered covering the major objectives as outlined in the study guide questions. The last day of class the exam is administered.


The Paper should be at least 1500 words typed following the Calvary Chapel Bible Institute’s guidelines for writing a research paper. The paper should contain the following;

I. Title Page

II. Introduction to the Topic: Explain the problem in general terms.

III. Discussion: Explain in detail giving examples.

IV. Conclusion: Make your final comments in this section. These comments can be general in nature or your personal opinion.

V. List of References: Every time a quote is used, a specific statistic is listed, or specific statement is made from a author or person used as a resource it should be cited with a superscript number. At the end of the paper a list of references should be made. This list should contain 10 different references which may include Evidences for Creation and Evolution’s Fatal Fruit

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