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Creation Fellowship


Meets on the last Friday of the month at 7pm | Register Here
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Join us for an evening of casual learning and genuine fellowship. CSI invites speakers to share different topics relating to the creation/evolution debate. Informal but informative, you will learn in a laid-back atmosphere the validity of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation as it relates to yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is always time for Q&A with our teachers, speakers and staff. Seating is limited, so reservations are highly suggested.

Fellowships are FREE, but donations are gladly accepted!

The purpose of our fellowship...



  • Answer questions about our origins
  • Encourage believers to share their faith by equipping them with simple, scientific answers
  • Educate the Church community using scientific evidence and discoveries that support the Word of God
  • Provide resources for further research
  • Opportunity for fellowship, testimony and evangelism in the area of Creation

2017 Schedule & Topics:

January 27, 2017

The Status of Climate Change

Is man the cause of Global Warming? Why are the sea levels rising? Are the Polar Ice Caps really melting? What is the Creationists perspective? These questions will be answered and much more as we look at the real problem for Climate Change. Learn about what science actually predicts and discover what God's Word reveals.

February 24, 2017

God’s Glory in the Stars

Is the Zodiac mentioned in the Bible? Do the stars speak to us in special way?  How did the constellations originate and are they mentioned in God’s Word? 

These and many more questions will be answered as we experience the Godly order in the skies. Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of CSI, will share the zodiac treasures from a Godly perspective and show why astrology has destroyed God’s eternal message. He will be assisted by an amateur astronomer, Tom Rabolli, who knows how to identify the heavenly bodies and describe their wonders in the biblical context. The goal of the evening is to give a new awareness of our Creator and Savior so it will deepen the faith of those who attend.

We will have a telescope viewing, weather permitting!

March 31, 2017
Fake News: Climate Change

**LOCATION: Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale (Auditorium)

Join us as we expose the environmental agenda and discover its dangerous influence on society. Witness how scientific data is being manipulated to serve a secular worldview. Learn what the Bible teaches about mankind and our biblical role in caring for the planet. See Details>>

April 28, 2017
The Movie: Is Genesis History

Join us and watch a film that gives scientific testimony of the young earth biblical account of creation. It affirms that Genesis is only true history of all the creation.

May 26, 2017
For God’s Glory: The Living Seas

There is untold beauty in the oceans where there is a fine and delicate balance that exists in the living communities and their marine environments. Discover how these many different factors are checked and controlled in a system that can only come from God. Also witness how there are so much evidence of magnificent design in the creatures of the sea  so that they are able to work together for their basic survival.

The oceans also declare God’s glory as you will see with our guest speaker, our local expert, Christa Jewett, who is a dynamic teacher/educator and Director of Saltwater Studies.

June 30, 2017
Our Heavenly Fathers World

In the Sermon on the Mount, our Messiah shared with us that our material needs are being taken care of with the illustration of the birds of the air and the lilies of the filed.

Come and join us as we illustrate how this earth magnifies God’s glory with the creatures and plants that have lived on this planet. See the plan God has laid out for us unfold as we witness how living things are designed to work together. Understand that the place we call home can only be designed for life. It defies evolutionary brainwashing in every way. 

A new video will be shown in part, Earth: Programming Life Part 2, that will invigorate the audience to affirm the points above. 

July 28, 2017
Dinosaurs and Reptiles

Richard Owen renown British paleontologists was the first to name dinosaurs in 1842 which means “fearfully great lizard or reptile.”  Learn why Owen made the connection between dinosaurs and reptiles with the vast array of characteristics that these awesome creatures display. Experience the majesty of God with these amazing creatures as they defy evolution and honor our awesome Creator. 

Join us as we follow his kind of reasoning with some of the most interesting reptiles brought in by young reptilian enthusiasts and see some of the most interesting features these creatures display. Bring the entire family!
August 25, 2017
The Case for Christ ***Sorry Movie Night is Full***

Movie Night at the Museum
Please join us as we view “The Case for Christ”, a film that recently appeared in theaters throughout America that dramatically portrays a legal journalist who was an atheist seeking the truth of the existence of Jesus Christ. It is based on true story of Lee Strobel bestselling book he wrote (1998) where he struggled with a personal pursuit as a skeptic in unveiling the evidence that changed his perspective of life in a profound way making him a true believer in Christ. This movie’s characterization of Strobel is captivating and moving so that you sense the anguish and joy in this amazing story to find His savior. You and your loved ones don’t want to miss this fellowship night.

September 29, 2017
Answering the Critics of Noah's Ark
Have you ever wondered how Noah and his family built an ark, fed thousands of animals, disposed of the waste and managed to keep everyone alive on the long voyage?

Visit the Creation Discovery Museum on Friday, September 29th and hear from Joanne and Tom Rabolli as they share their experience at the Ark Encounter’s theme park in Kentucky. Find out in great detail how only eight people could have cared for all the animals in the ark using pre-scientific technology and how these innovative systems rival modern day engineering techniques.

October 27, 2017
When Did Dinosaurs live?

Did dinosaurs live with man? Were they prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago? You might be surprised what the new scientific evidence has revealed. It has turned everything upside down regarding the question, “When did Dinosaurs Live?”

Discover how these amazing creatures coexisted with man. Learn why they became extinct? Also along with the presentation made by Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of CSI a video will be viewed entitled “Echoes of the Jurassic” where evolutionary dogma is challenged by dinosaur fossils that cry out “young.”





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