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Super COOL Saturdays

Thinking of things to do on Saturday?

Come join us and participate in the many activities that
we offer every 4th Saturday of the month.

Super COOL Saturdays

January 26, 2013- Lost Civilizations of the Ice Age

SALE $14.99 - The Genius of Ancient Man
Join Creation Studies Institute and explore the submerged cities that have been found all over the world. Find out how ancient civilizations developed and how they used the Celtic Cross to map and navigate the Earth.

Adults and children will enjoy a presentation on the Ice Age Civilizations; they will build a city, and learn the shocking parallels between world history and the recorded Word of God.


  • Was Atlantis a real kingdom?
  • Did this lost civilization have tools that gave them the capability to build the pyramids and map and navigate the earth?
  • Why was Egypt a lush environment during the Ice Age?
  • How did Atlantis become submerged by water?

  • Presentation by Tom DeRosa
  • Watch the Ice Age Civilizations DVD
  • Build a City and See What Effect Rising Ocean Levels or Tsunamis Could Have on Your City

February 23, 2013- Family Creating Hearts for the Lord
The HEART is the CENTER of our life, and our LIFE with God. Carve a heart that your special Valentine can hold in their hands! Hear your heart beat for God! He gave it to you!
March 23, 2013- March Along with the Mammoths
Come and create your very own Ice Age and learn how it fits in the Bible. Learn what mammoths really were and how big they grew. Experience finding the buried bones of these amazing creatures and discover how to piece together the remains of these extinct giants just like a Paleontologist.
April 27, 2013- Meet the Ferocious Saber Tooth Cat
Learn about the Saber Tooth Cats (smilodon), the apex predators of the Ice age. What did they eat? How did they hunt? How big were their teeth? These and many more questions will be answered as you play “the predator game.” Remember, we play using Jaw’s Rules!
**May 25- Museum will be closed!!
CSI will be at FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando, Florida


Hours of Operation

Saturdays from
11am – 3pm

Museum Programming

and Tours (Super Cool Sat.)

4th Saturday of the month


Tours are available on weekdays
by appointment only, please call
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(954) 771-1652
(954) 315-4310 Sat. only
(800) 882-0278 - Toll Free

Registration Fees

Registration is required.

Admission for Museum Programming and Tours:

$7.00 per person
$25.00 per family

Bring your own lunch! Chips and sodas will be available for purchase.


Museum Guided Tours

Length: 20-30 min
Cost: Donations
Age Group: All ages
Size: Maximum 15

Schedule4th Saturday of every month

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SALE $14.99 - The Genius of Ancient man