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Field Trips
Plan a field trip to the Discovery Museum this school year!

Guided Museum Tour:
As students walk through the museum they will gain knowledge of the world as it was in the beginning when man walked with the dinosaurs. They will learn about the world-wide flood, the great Ice Age; and the large creatures that roamed the earth at that time. Students will be amazed and thrilled as they touch and hold the remains of one of the world’s largest Columbian Mammoth. Current exhibits in our museum also include:
  • Fossil Dig Pits
  • A wonderful butterfly collection
  • A state-of-the-art microscope tables
  • A "Kid's Corner" where the children can have fun on their own.

Educational Programs:
Enhance your student’s education with experiences outside their everyday activities. CSI offers educational tours and hands-on workshops that will engage and challenge your students to learn about science and creation from a biblical perspective.

These hands-on courses include The Paleo-Experience, where students will be introduced to how fossils are formed and learn the techniques that real paleontologist’s use on dinosaur dig sites. They may also take advantage of our Unleashing the Dinosaur Foot Prints course and make impressions of the different types of fossils that were found around the world. But, if excavating remains of the past isn’t enough, how about traveling thru time in our Ice Age Workshop where they will discover the fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth and the climate changes that made them extinct. Each activity will help them to think more critically, to put scientific ideas into perspective, and to learn more about how science works. The programs are developed to encourage the student to become more grounded in their faith and to trust in the inerrant Word of God.

Choice of hands-on course:
1. The Paleo-Experience:
Students will be introduced to how fossils are formed. They will also be learning one of the many techniques a paleontologist uses on a dinosaur dig site.
2. Ice Age Workshop:
Explore what happened during the Ice Age, to see how the cold affected the world around us. Discover what Florida was like during this time, and what kind of creatures visited during the Ice Age. 
3. Unleashing The Dinosaur Foot Prints:
Discover the types of fossils and how to make impressions. Each student will make either a dinosaur footprint (trace fossil), dinosaur skeleton (true form Fossil), or leaf imprint (trace fossil) to take home. 

The creation-science programs are designed to satisfy the National Science Standards.

Can't make it to the Discovery Museum? Contact a CSI representative at
954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring these exciting hands-on programs to your school, home school group or church.
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Guided Museum Tour

11am – 3pm

20-30 min
Cost: Donations
Age Group: All ages
Size: Maximum 15

Guided Museum Tour/Educational Program

Length: 1 hour
Cost: $10.00 per person

Age group:

Size: Min. 15, Max. 30 guest

*Custom tours set up to age of participants. Cost includes tour and a choice of one hands-on course, for additional courses call a CSI representative.

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