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You hear about events, outreaches, vacations, missions trips all the time. So... What makes CSI's events different? As a ministry, our hearts desire is that some would come to know God as their Creator, Lord, and Savior; that others would draw closer to Him and deepen their understanding and their love for the One who "spoke and it was done", for the One who breathed into our nostrils and gave us life. Our events are informative, and full of excitement, and adventure. As you join us you will learn to defend your faith, share it with others, and have fun in the process. CSI's adventures are for all ages. Browse thru our site and discover the many ways that you, your family, and your friends can be blessed.

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Creation Discovery Museum
programs designed for the whole family.

Come join us and participate in the many activities that we offer on Saturdays for the whole family.
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