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What is your passion? As a Christian, God has most likely given you a burning desire to serve Him in some form of ministry. Many of us find that our interests, talents and even our very being were woven together to fulfill this very purpose in the work of His kingdom. The Apostle Paul states that we have to become slaves to Christ's righteousness since we are set free from sin (Romans 6:18).  Paul certainly demonstrated this in his life by being a zealot for Christ and speaking boldly of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

When I posed the question to our staff: “why do you work at this ministry?”, their reply was unanimous.  They had a passion to get the “creation message” out, but not only to help Christians to become stronger in their faith and become better witnesses for Jesus Christ.  They also felt strongly that the ultimate goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation and to a world deceived by false ideologies that are being masqueraded as “science”.  A world that is misinformed, confused and headed for total destruction.  Yes, any ministry can claim a mission of equipping Christians and spreading the Gospel.  But what sets us apart is our team's collective recognition that perhaps the most successful stumbling block to many receiving this Gospel, is the apparent stranglehold upon today's society of the theory of evolution (and other malformed ideas that have flowed from this theory).  This, coupled with most people's desire to be guided by the consensus of the so-called “committee of they” and to be intellectually accepted by their peers. 

Jesus Christ is our Creator, Savior and Judge.  He is all these.  When we shine a searchlight through the smokescreen of “evolution” – exposing it to be baseless – and present the creation message with unshakable conviction, it brings one face to face with the absolute reality of this Creator, Savior and Judge (often with a rather sobering wake-up call).  I have personally witnessed the transformation of lives of those who were once proud atheists, using evolution as their crutch, into Christians who've come to the knowledge that they are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).  I am a prime example of this: once being a “mocker” of God, yet now called to be an evangelist. It is with this passion for the Gospel that I would you like to let you know that the small staff and numerous volunteers of our ministry are stretching themselves 100% to serve Christ boldly.

As you review our newsletter and witness the many activities God has called us to, please remember that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that underpins our hopes and desires. Our desire is to be slaves for Christ’s righteousness.  

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