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This year we are excited to introduce a new OPERATION SALT campaign. We are in the process of producing a series of pamphlets that will expose the deception, brainwashing and censorship that are used in school textbooks, educational institutions and museums. Each pamphlet focuses on a particular evolutionary fallacy our students are being taught, exposing the problems with it along with quotes from other scientists that reveal its inaccuracies and lack of proof. Currently, the theory of evolution is taught exclusively, without allowing any criticism to be made.

No one can challenge this teaching today; therefore, the theory of evolution as it is presented today is not education, it is indoctrination. What are we doing about it? God has called us to boldly proclaim the gospel. CSI is ready to begin this task by exposing the fallacies of evolution while opening opportunities to present the gospel of Christ.

Our plan is to raise-up concerned believers to distribute pamphlets (like the one below) on their respective campuses, churches, bible study groups...etc. We will use our website as well as dedicated videos on You-Tube and social media networks that our young are familiar with and use to communicate.

We are making these pamphlets reproducible in order to get them into the hands of as many parents, students, Christian leaders, pastors and teachers as possible. You may download them for free or you may also buy bulk quantities at $0.20 each.

In order to get these pamphlets to the soldiers of the Faith who are not unashamed of the Gospel, we need your help. One way you can do this is to reprint each addition, share them with others and encourage those folks to get involved in the battle. We also need your prayers and financial support. Your gift will enable us to keep providing potent ammunition in the war for the hearts and minds of our kids.

Please pray for us as we begin this new endeavor. These past two years have been extremely challenging as poor
policies continued to wreak havoc on our economy. God has provided and continues to guide us to be good stewards of the resources that He is blessing us with. THANK YOU for your continued support to educate and impact the lives of God’s people.

Ways you can Help
PrayThe effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

DonateSupport CSI with a donation of any amount. Donate Here

DistributeReprint or buy Pamphlets! Share with others, get the message out!

Operation Salt: Exposing the deception, brainwashing & censorship that is taking place in our education system

Operation Salt: Horse Series Download Horse Series for Free
The Problem with the Horse Series

Students are being taught that through the passage of approximately 50 millions years the four-toed Eohippus, which had teeth for eating leaves, evolved to the modern grazing one-toed horse observed today. BUY BULK

The minimum order amount is 10 pieces. If you need less than 10 pieces, please CLICK HERE to download for Free.