Tom's Events

1. New Presbyterian Church
(Pompano Beach High School)
600 NE 13th Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Phone (954) 946.4380

Title “Evolution and Morality”
9:30am - 10:30am

1. Valley Home Educators

July 27–28, 2012, at the Modesto, California Convention Center

A parent/teen education event designed for those who are : Current Home Educators, Considering Home Education, Supplementing Their Child's Education. Two full days of speaker presentations, exhibitor workshops, chat groups, shopping and more. Details

2. Creation 2012 Conference
August 1-5, 2012

Join our friends at Creation Ministry International at Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center for 5 fantastic days of learning, leisure, fellowship, fun and worship, with a top line-up of creation speakers from the US and around the world.

This family conference presents some of the world's leading creationist thinkers in the areas of creation apologetics, biology, geology, and cosmology. A full children’s program will also be provided teaching young ones how to think about the issues.

There will be something for everyone! Supervised activities onsite, free music concerts, powerlifting performances, geology excursions, Q&A panels and more! For Details click HERE

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Evidence for Creation

Discover why the fossil record shows no evidence of evolution, physical laws support creation, not evolution, and much more..

Evolution's Fatal Fruit
Evolution's Fatal Fruit presents a close look at Charles Darwin and the grim consequences to which his theory of evolution
has led.

Investigate the Possibilities Curriculum

Creation Studies Institute is co-laboring with New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books, who's goal is to publish
9 books by 2012.
Last year 3 books series was published. It has received numerous endorsements, and sold over 35,000 copies.

Seminar and Speaking Engagements

CSI sponsors and hosts seminars featuring nationally renowned Creation speakers and leaders, all bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ as Creator.

Speaking Engagements

Tom DeRosa and other CSI representatives are available for creation presentations to churches, schools, seminars, and homeschool groups. He has a creation topic for children and adults. His enthusiasm and his love for the Lord is contagious, and his knowledge of creation is beyond compare!

Speaker: Tom DeRosa

Tom DeRosa's BiographyTom is the Director and Founder of Creation Studies Institute, a national creation ministry whose mission is to reach the church community with the truths of Creation. He is an author and a sought out creation speaker. Tom has been recognized as an award winning science teacher who has taught all grade levels including college. He is certified in many areas of science including Chemistry, Biology and General Science. He is noted for his enthusiasm and his passion for teaching.

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Creation Topics:.....

Evidences for Creation
Tom DeRosa will take you through his book, Evidences for Creation and demonstrate overwhelmingly that the evidences from the heavens, from the earth, from life and from man, all point to a Creator, God. See the importance of teaching children how to look at the evidences in a scientific way so that one can make intelligent and informed decisions. This session will help you learn how to destroy the two great columns that evolution stands on, chance and time, with solid irrevocable evidence. The goal is not only to destroy the philosophy and doctrine of evolution, but also to bring others closer to seeing God through His wonderful creation. The answers to many questions will be presented in an easy to understand manner.

Giant Ice Age Creatures from a Creationist’s Perspective
Learn how mammoths and sharks 50 feet in length made their home in Florida. See firsthand how giant sloths, beavers, and llamas found Florida to be the ideal place to live during the Ice Age. Take an imaginary trip down the Peace River in central Florida and discover a fantastic fossil graveyard where the most unique Ice Age fossils are found. Learn about the Ice Age; a post flood phenomenon and how it made central Florida a great place to hunt all kinds of fossils. Share in the excitement with Tom DeRosa, President of Creation Studies Institute, who has lead many expeditions down the river as he relates to a discovery of a heard of mammoths in Arcadia, Florida. It has been recognized as one of the most significant finds in Florida. He will explain how homeschool families can get involved in fossil hunting, making for a great educational experience.

Dinosaurs, God’s Amazing Creatures
Dinosaurs have always captured the imagination of both young and old. They have been used to promote the horrific lie of evolution to the general public (including our children) through such shows as; Walking with Dinosaurs. Christian Educators and parents should be teaching a completely different story because we really DID walk with dinosaurs. We need to be encouraging the study of these amazing animals that are, as the Bible states, the first among the works of God (Job 40:19.) Tom DeRosa, a well known and respected educator will help you understand how dinosaurs can be used as an instrument to teach the principles of creation. Learn how you and your family can get involved in the actual experience of digging up dinosaurs and Ice Age creatures in future field trips and how these educational excursions will help you stand firmer in your faith than ever before.

Evolution’s Fatal Fruit
In this session, Tom DeRosa introduces you to evolution's roots as he expounds on his new book, Evolution's Fatal Fruit: How Darwin's Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions. Take a closer look at Charles Darwin and the Grim consequences to which his theory of evolution has led. A Cambridge divinity graduate with a penchant for natural science, Darwin gave the world an explanation of life that helped fuel the ovens at Auschwitz. Tom explains how Hitler tried to use genocide to speed up evolution, and reveals how the American eugenics movement-which favored sterilization to cleanse the gene pool-is likewise indebted to Darwin. WATCH PRESENTATION

The Long History of Evolution
Did Evolution begin with Darwin? It has always been around. Trace a historical line from the beginning of time to our present day and demonstrate how evolution is used to promote man as the center.

The Horrific Consequences of Evolution
Over the years evolution thinking has reached every discipline. It gives man an excuse to take part in corrupt behavior as in abortion, racism, sexual promiscuity, and homosexuality. Evolution has given motivation for hideous social institutions to be born as Communism and Nazism.

The Great Evolutionary War
What are the major arguments the Evolutionist is presenting today to support their theory. How does a Creationist respond? The Open-system argument and the new Chaos Theory will be addressed; Learn the vocabulary so that you can be better witness for Jesus Christ.

The Importance of Genesis
Learn to identify the reality of all times. See how the Scripture is supported by the monumental historical events of all times as stated in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Understand that Genesis is a foundation for all Christian doctrine. Demonstrate how the theory of Evolution is so prominent in every area of worldly thinking.

An Order for Creation
Study the order of creation as stated in the first chapter of Genesis. See how the cosmos gives testimony to God no a Big Bang. Witness a logical progression of inherent interdependency of all created things. Observe the purpose and plan for the created world as revealed in the scriptures.

A Focus on Man
See the harmony that existed before the fall - with man and God and with man and the Creation. The meaning of a human being and creativity will be defined. Understand that man created in God's image has been attacked historically and the tremendous social consequences for not acknowledging the Creator.

Death and the Fall
Man is not only cursed because of his sin but the creation is in bondage. See the tremendous implications this has in the cosmos and on man. The basic scientific laws that propel the universe have their origins found in the scriptures. Observations will be given on the death concept; the most difficult for a non-believer to understand and for Christians to altercate. See how the heavens give testimony to a curse.

The Great Flood
Be ready to give intelligent answers that support overwhelming worldwide flood as stated in Genesis 6-9. Witness the dynamic testimony that rocks cry out pointing to a castrophy that was driven by the waters beneath and above. Evidence is everywhere and Christians should be able to share these facts.

Genesis Compromised
It is apparent that great comprise exists for many of the contemporary theologians as they make statements that a day is not a 24 hour day-a day could be representative of millions and millions of years. A thorough examination of the scriptures will set in place a creation created in mature state with an appearance of age. The following theories will be defined and problems with each will be discussed: Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, Day-Age Theory, Gap Theory and the Framework Hypothesis.

The Rocks and Fossil Cry Out
Examine the fossil record and witness the great testimony of a catastrophic flood - not millions of years of geological history. See first hand the overwhelming evidence of catastrophic model of Mt. St. Helens demonstrating a young earth. Learn that the rocks cry out - a young earth.

The Young Earth
This will be a continuation of the young earth demonstrating the inherent scientific problems including radiometric dating exposing the apparent evolutionary bias for dating rocks. Numerous methods of dating the earth and the universe will be introduced demonstrating younger ages agreeing with Biblical chronology.

Life – a Testimony of a Creator
Focus on the chemistry of life and one will appreciate the wonderful work of their creator. Learn how to show the probability of life to originate from inanimate objects is zero. See first- hand the complexity of human life and see the miracle of life.

After it’s own Kind

All living things follow the basic principle; after their kind. Witness this principle in past as revealed in the fossil record. See this principle today as it is demonstrated in the dynamics of DNA. Observe the awesome Creator's fine work in the details of life.

Caveman- Fossil Man
Is there a Lucy? Was there an ape-man? How do your answer the hominid fossil finds, as the secular world perceives our distant relative as monkeys; swinging from the trees. See the uniqueness of human beings as they bear testimony to their Creator God.

Deconstructing Darwin Conference 2009 Evolution's Fatal Fruit Evidence for Creation Elementary Science Curriculum