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Science Programs
Encourage your children to think!

These hands-on workshops are themed around a particular area of science. Children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions, and take home things that they have made themselves. These programs not only offer children a chance to see just how cool science is, but it also increases their faith as they encounter the author and creator of it all.


After School ProgramAfter School Program (ASP) has two locations in Broward County. The after school hours are filled with interactive activities that will make science exciting. The program gives parents the opportunity to encourage their children to think, as they engage in the exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions, and more.

Your child will be filled with knowledge and learn to appreciate science as they discover facts of God’s Creation. No extra work to take home, only something special to remember God as our Creator! Read details...


Elementary programsThe growth of the homeschool movement has exposed a need for an exciting elementary science program. We have designed a quality, science curriculum which follows the National Science Education Standards, to serve the homeschool families of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

The CSI elementary science program is uniquely designed to help students connect with their Creator God, providing students with the opportunity to experience discovery workshops. The CSI creation-based curriculum is highly interactive and makes learning fun. Read details...


Middle School ProgramThis course gives middle school students an opportunity to explore a variety of science topics where the inquiry method will be primarily implemented through hands-on activities. It will focus on how science works from a biblical perspective emphasizing the use of basic science process skills to make thoughtful conclusions.

Topics covered will include: Simple machines, Archeology, Paleontology, Geology, Fossil and Geological Record, DNA and Life, Classification of Life, Energy of Life and the Systems of Human Body.
Read details...


Creation Science CampKeep the flame for God kindled in the heart of your children through CSI's exciting summer camp program. Exploration of the animal kingdom, the universe, and all of God's wonders are only a part of this fun-filled, hands-on science based summer camp.

Learning about science has never been so much fun! Along with exciting hands-on science activities, campers will start their day with devotions centered around God's creation. The day will also be broken up with outdoor activities, movies, games,
and more. Read details...


Creation Science Camp Video Class on your computer. No special equipment. One 1-Hr Class
This class, "Investigate the Possibilities" is for upper elementary and middle grades. Mr. Tom DeRosa has expertise, in teaching all ages of children in science. Your students will learn science with a firm Biblical Creationist perspective using hands-on experimentation, demonstration and excitement. Read details...

Creation is a study of the world around you, and as a homeschool, Christian mom it is very important to me to start young when introducing my children to the study of God’s Creation! - Felice Gerwitz
Meet your Teachers

Joanne RabolliJoanne Rabolli - Teacher

Joanne has been a volunteer for CSI for over 10 years.  Among other things, Joanne over saw the building of our Creation Museum and actually accomplished much of the work herself.  For the past 8 years, Joanne has been a guide on our Fossil Floats.   

Along with home schooling her 3 children, Joanne has much experience in teaching groups of children.  For 9 years she organized and taught for the 4-H Club.  Joanne has also taught at Palm Beach Community College’s Summer Youth College program.   

Currently, Joanne’s fossil exploration experience has allowed her to develop as well as teach many of CSI’s children’s workshops and programs for after-school, homeschool, and church groups.  Joanne is a valuable human resource for Creation Studies Institute and is reaching the next generation with the truths of creation.


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