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Creation Studies Institute (CSI) is a major resource for people who are interested in studying science and creation from a biblical perspective. We are a creation apologetic ministry whose purpose is to equip the believer with the knowledge needed to refute the lies of evolution. We believe that through this knowledge, the believer's faith is affirmed in such a way as to cause them to confidently share with others, the truth of Creation as told in the Bible. We also are a resource for people who may have questions regarding creationism, apologetics, and christianity.

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The central core of ICR's mission is scientific research, which formed the basis of our founding in 1970 by Dr. Henry M. Morris.
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The Creation Study Group is a grassroots creation science organization. We meet at Second Presbyterian Church at 105 Rivers Street in Greenville, SC. We want to assist you and others in learning the truth about Biblical creation. What God has to say about origins is foundational to the gospel and a Biblical world and life view. The CSG also makes arrangements for creation speakers from other creation organizations to speak at local churches and schools in upstate South Carolina.
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