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The Discovery Museum is located at
2701 West Cypress Creek Road
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Summer Worshops at
The Creation Discovery Museum:

Keep the flame for God kindled in the heart of your children through CSI's exciting summer workshops. Details>>

Creation Discovery Museum

We are extending our bookstore hours for the month of December. Stop by for some incredible gifts.

HOURS: Mon-Fri 3:00pm-6:00pm
and Sat. 11:00am-3:00pm

Over the last twenty years, our ministry has discovered that while many educational centers / museums have extensive programs showing many of God's wonderous works, almost none of them have attributed the works to God, but to evolution. We have discovered a great need in the community for an interactive creation museum. There are many secular, evolution-based museums throughout the country, but very few museums which tell the story of our origins from a creationist’s perspective.

The Lord has blessed us with an incredible amount of bone and fossil material through our Creation excursions, such as the Ice Age Fossil Floats. We have been given the opportunity and resources to have these exhibits displayed for everyone to see! We welcome groups and individuals of all ages. Focused primarily on the Ice Age, this museum will display many kinds of fossils and the huge Columbian Mammoth bones found here in Florida.

Over the years, as the number of home schooling families continues to grow, the need for outside resources, especially in the area of science, increases greatly. We want to provide homeschoolers with the opportunity to experience exciting hands-on experiments, as well as good, solid, scientific and biblically sound educational materials and curriculum.

The hands-on discovery workshops are offered throughout the year, click here to view our schedule and topics. These educational programs are also available for private schools and ministries as well as groups, such as Boy Scouts, 4 H Clubs, etc. Because we see a great need for interactive, hands-on experiences not only in our community, but in communities around the country, we are working on the production of Development Manuals to help other churches and ministries begin Creation Discovery Museums in their own communities.

Fabulous Brand New Exhibits 
  • A wonderful butterfly collection demonstrating God’s personal nightmare for evolution, metamorphosis.

  • A "Kid's Corner" where the children can have their own personal fun zone and learn more about our great God who is both their Creator and their Savior..

  • Dino memorabilia for your friends and family.
    Gifts and souvenirs that will enable you to take the memories of your creation experience with you when you leave.

Science Club Saturdays 
Join the Science Club


Join the Science Club!
Become an Investigative Scientist Member!

Join us for only $35 a year as we investigate God’s amazing creation with tools and techniques used by real scientists. Our investigative team meets on six designated Saturdays of the year (see schedule below). This time is packed with thrilling hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations and science-based laboratory experiences that will leave you wanting to discover more. Explore the wonders of creation and experience the hand of God in every field of science. One-Day Admissions are also available for $10.

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Dates & Topics:

September 27, 2014-  I feel a rumble down under!!
Volcanoes Are Erupting, AHH! Why do volcanoes erupt?   Build a volcano with oozing lava spilling out, Wow!

October 25, 2014– It’s Cold Out There!! Ice Age Weather
Ice Age Coo-ooling Lab! Can we recreate an Ice Age? Let’s freeze some things, hold cool bubbles in your hand, and make a cloud!

January 24, 2015– Mad Scientist Chemistry Lab
Enjoy Making a Big Bang? Let’s blast off a small rocket. Ready for some SLIME TIME? Come join us!

February 21, 2015– Walk Like a Dinosaur!
Touch real Dinosaur fossils! Make a dino foot print craft and see if you can interpret a track way of a dinosaur!

May 30, 2015– What you can’t see might hurt you.  Invisible Things. 
What you CAN'T see might hurt you! Germs, bacteria, & mold! Discover the invisible world and learn what helps you stay alive, too!

June 20, 2015-- CSI at It’s finest!!
Crime Scene Investigators to the Rescue! Solve the crime after gathering evidence. Who is the culprit? Learn fingerprinting techniques and see how they are uniquely designed by God for each person He created.


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Can't make it to the Discovery Museum?

Contact a CSI representative at
954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring
exciting hands-on programs to your school,
home school group or church.
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Guided Museum Tour

Length: 20-30 min
Cost: Donations
Age Group: All ages
Size: Maximum 15 per tour

11am – 3pm

11/29/14 and 12/26/14
Happy Holidays!

Tours are available
during the week by
appointment only,
please call us for
more information at

(954) 771-1652 Office
(954) 315-4310 Sat. only
(800) 882-0278 - Toll Free

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