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Jonathan Wells - Common Ancestry on Trial

I focused on the mechanism of evolution-specifically, the neo-Darwinian mechanism of natural selection acting on random genetic mutations. I found that evidence for selection, with a few highly questionable exceptions, was limited to minor changes within existing species. I learned that genetic mutations are almost always harmful… I found absolutely no evidence that genetic mutations can produce beneficial changes in anatomy, of the sort needed by evolutionary theory. Nor did I find evidence that mutations (any more than selection) could produce a new species. (Darwin’s Nemesis p. 165)

For Darwinists, "empiricism is not the primary value at stake. The more important priority is to maintain the naturalistic worldview." (Darwin’s Nemesis p. 170)

No one has ever seen descent with modification produce a new species. So, as a description of the origin of new species, descent with modification from a common ancestor is not a fact. (Darwin’s Nemesis p. 171)

Jonathan Wells has received two Ph.D.s, one in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California at Berkeley, and one in Religious Studies from Yale University.


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