Creation Studies Institute Staff

Tom DeRosa
Executive Director of Creation Studies Institute

Tom was in seminary when he first started to believe the lie. He was convinced that he could not mix faith with science. He decided that he had to drop one or the other, so he did. He left the seminary and church, and soon became a devout atheist and dedicated evolutionist. He thought he threw away his faith, but in reality had only found a new religion: Evolution.

In 1978, he had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. Since then, he has studied the area of Creation thoroughly at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church under Dr. D. James Kennedy’s leadership. Read More...
Joanne Rabolli

Joanne has been a volunteer for CSI for 10 years. Among other things, Joanne over saw the building of our Creation Museum and actually accomplished much of the work herself. For the past 8 years, Joanne has been a guide on our Fossil Floats.   

Along with home schooling her 3 children, Joanne has much experience in teaching groups of children. For 9 years she organized and taught for the 4-H Club. Joanne has also taught at Palm Beach Community College’s Summer Youth College program.   

Currently, Joanne’s fossil exploration experience has allowed her to develop as well as teach many of CSI’s children’s workshops and programs for after-school, homeschool, and church groups. Joanne is a valuable human resource for Creation Studies Institute and is reaching the next generation with the truths of creation.