The Big Problem

The Big Problem



Most scientists today do not believe in God. According to the 2009 Pew Research poll of the members of the American Advancement of Science, only 33 %believed in God. This trend has increased over the past century. A survey taken by the prestigious National Academy of Science in 1914
found that 59% of scientists polled identified themselves as agnostics and atheists.

In Western Europe, the pollsters have seen an even more drastic increase in atheistic thinking. Unfortunately, in our American, Western European, South American, and communist state schools today, students are taught from a secular viewpoint that the universe, earth, and all living forms spontaneously evolved.

Evolution has replaced the Creator and Savior. This has been going on for years, taking hostage the minds and souls of our youth with terrible consequences. It produces deep confusion about who we are and our true purpose on earth. Without the Creator - an Intelligent Designer - there are no absolutes and no law. No wonder we live ina dangerous world where anything goes.

CSI’s Inception
This ministry began because I was once a victim taken hostage by evolutionary thinking myself. I adopted a man-centered, atheistic worldview, which allowed me to wander from God and lead a life of sin. Today’s culture and the lack of proper training in this next generation is a consequence of this kind of wandering and confusion that we see every day. Our ministry's deep passion and vision is to do away with the disorder and chaos of atheism by reaching the world with the truth of creation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ has manifested himself in creation so that all can see that man is without excuse as Romans 1 declares.

Ministry Growth

God first put this ministry on my heart while I was flying home from a Creation Conference held in Seattle, Washington in 1987. After seeking support from my pastor, Dr. D. James Kennedy (1930-2007), I invited my Sunday School class and my fellow science teachers at Westminster Academy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to assist me in forming the CSI ministry.

As the ministry began to grow, I was officially appointed Executive Director. CSI became independent in 2007 and continues to follow Dr. Kennedy's legacy, reaching the world with the message of creation and the gospel.

 Our Mission
God has given us a mission to train up children, parents, and Christian leaders through empowering educational programs, engaging hands-on science workshops, and exciting outreaches.

We Believe
God has given this ministry its own uniqueness in creating memorable experiences through our programs. Over the past 29 years, we have taken 15,000 people on Ice Age Fossil Adventures down the Peace River in Florida.  In the process, we have discovered 100,000 Ice Age fossils, including three Columbian Mammoths.

Our Creation Discovery Museum has hosted hundreds of workshops and classes and received thousands of visitors. We have also sponsored 150 creation seminars and outreaches over the years, impacting 150,000 lives. At least 50 leaders were trained up to teach and become ministry leaders for our events.

God continues to shed His amazing grace on our ministry through your generous partnership. We want to thank all those who gave so willingly so that we can continue in His ministry. God, in His remarkable mercy, brought us through the very end of year with many who stepped forward financially to help us continue to do His work. We are encouraged and zealous.  With the Holy Spirit’s help, we want 2017 to be a year of embracing and empowering many more souls than ever before.

In Christ,

Tom DeRosa
Executive Director of CSI

P.S Please prayerfully consider joining us by becoming a monthly donor. This would be a true blessing for us to know that God is providing for our ministry's daily needs.

Nathaniel's Story

We've made an impact in Nathaniel's life. Watch how he is now equipped to fight against the lies of evolution. Let's pray for our next generation.