Ape to Man: The Ultimate Myth

Ape to Man Myth

Ape to Man: The Ultimate Myth

Fossils of supposedly ape-like man are speculative, incomplete, falsified and imagined.

Darwin, in his Descent of Man, explains that his objective was to show that there is no fundamental difference between man and higher mammals. According to Darwin, there was a lineal descendant of all the organisms reaching up to man. He emphasized that there were no special creations from God along this lineage but all were connected through gradual evolutionary change. Man was no exception. Evolutionists have a compelling reason to demonstrate an evolutionary link between man and ape. They know that if they succeed, they will silence the arguments of those who believe in special creation. Without any question, evolution would triumph if the fossil evidence were to show the final evolutionary phase of an ape becoming man.

When it is announced that an ape-like fossil is found, the news media lavishes uncritical ink and abundance space to the claims generated by the find. Time after time, however, when the original find of a supposed fossil link to man is announced, there follows a debate marked by confusion about what was really found. Historically, for the hopeful evolutionists, it has become a big disappointment.

“The general public is rarely informed of the deep-seated uncertainty about human origins that is reflected in these statements by scientific experts. Instead, we are simply fed the latest version of somebody’s theory, without being told that paleontologists themselves cannot agree over it. And typically, the theory is illustrated with fanciful drawings of cave men, or human actors wearing heavy makeup.” Jonathan Wells, Icons of Evolution: Science and Myth (Regnery Publishing, Washington DC, 2001), p. 225.

The following historical instances of fraud, some honest mistakes and some outright attempts to fabricate evidence for the Theory of Evolution, are listed here for the record;

Piltdown Man HoaxPiltdown Man:


Found in a gravel pit in Sussex England in 1912, this fossil was considered by some sources to be the second most important fossil proving the evolution of man—until it was found to be a complete forgery 41 years later.

The skull was found to be of modern age. The fragments had been chemically stained to give the appearance of age, and the teeth had been filed down.

Nebraska Man HoaxNebraska Man:


A single tooth, discovered in Nebraska in 1922 grew an entire evolutionary link between man and monkey. A body covered with hair and a primitive face was fabricated to show his closeness in appearance to an ape. Volumes have been written about his physical and mental capabilities.

Years later another identical tooth was found which was protruding from the jawbone of a wild pig. Click Here to watch illustration. An artist’s rendition of the famous ape-man and wife from a newspaper of that day.


Java Man HoaxJava Man:


Initially discovered by Dutchman Eugene Dubois in 1891, all that was found of this claimed originator of humans was a skullcap, three teeth and a femur. The femur was found 50 feet away from the original skullcap a full year later. For almost 30 years Dubois downplayed the Wadjak skulls (two undoubtedly human skulls found very close to his "missing link"). (source: Hank Hanegraaff, The Face That Demonstrates The Farce Of Evolution, [Word Publishing, Nashville, 1998], pp.50-52)

Orce Man HoaxOrce Man:

Found in the southern Spanish town of Orce in 1982, and hailed as the oldest fossilized human remains ever found in Europe. One year later officials admitted the skull fragment was not human but probably came from a 4 month old donkey.

Scientists had said the skull belonged to a 17 year old man who lived 900,000 to 1.6 million years ago, and even had very detail drawings done to represent what he would have looked like.
(source: "Skull fragment may not be human", Knoxville News-Sentinel, 1983)

Neanderthal ManNeanderthal Man:

Still synonymous with brutishness, the first Neanderthal remains were found in France in 1908. Considered to be ignorant, ape-like, stooped and knuckle-dragging, much of the evidence now suggests that Neanderthal was just as human as us, and his stooped appearance was because of arthritis and rickets.

Neanderthals are now recognized as skilled hunters, believers in an after-life, and even skilled surgeons, as seen in one skeleton whose withered right arm had been amputated above the elbow. (source: "Upgrading Neanderthal Man", Time Magazine, May 17, 1971, Vol. 97, # 20)

So we have numerous examples of what science once called evidence for the Theory of Evolution. Today there are numerous other “evidences” that are put forth by the evolutionary establishment. Time alone will tell exactly what these so-called discoveries really are. For the time being, it would appear that men are men and that the elusive common ancestor between the apes and man are still, yet to be discovered.