DNA - The Perfectly Designed Information Repository

DNA Design

DNA - The Perfectly Designed Information Repository


What does the DNA molecule look like?

James Watson, an American biologist, and Francis Crick, a British physicist at Cambridge, England, discovered DNA in 1953. DNA is the foundational chemical unit of life. Finally, the mysterious chemical structure that controls every living organism was revealed to all mankind. All life is controlled by a simple double helix structure. A helix is a spiral that in the case of DNA is similar to a winding staircase with stairs or rungs in this ladder made by four chemical bases: Guanine (G), Cytosine (C), Adenine (A), and Thymine (T).

The DNA molecule is a very long microscopically thin string that is tightly bound together. When it unravels, it unzips the double helix and the two segments open up exposing a sequence of the four base pairs listed above. Since the molecule is very long, the sequence of base pairs on each side carries an immense amount of information. When both sides of the DNA molecule open, the four base codes send instructions from the nucleus of the cell to build proteins. The simplicity of two base pairs, sequenced over a long molecule, having the potential to contain the information from which all life is derived, is amazing.

While molecular biologists discover more about the DNA molecule, the Theory of Evolution must come up with explanations concerning how such a miraculous molecule could have come into existence. Even Francis Crick, when faced with the impossibility of the DNA molecule forming from the processes of natural selection and beneficial mutation, came to believe that aliens seeded the planet with the building blocks of life, e.g. the Theory of Directed Panspermia.

We who ascribe to the revelation of God’s Word point to these adherents to Directed Panspermia in the biblical terms of those “who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.” They can come to the conclusion that life is far too complex to have evolved by natural selection and the ever elusive beneficial mutation, but they can believe aliens evolved to the point of deity and are then able to create life and plant it firmly into the primordial soup of planet earth.