The Cosmos, a Space Time Odyssey of Evolution Propaganda Par Excellence (Part 2)

The Cosmos Series

The Cosmos, a Space Time Odyssey of Evolution Propaganda Par Excellence (Part 2)

By Steve Rowitt, Th.M., Ph.D.

This description really does fit the second installment of this “déjà vu all over again” version of the 1978 miniseries called the Cosmos. With the initial installment setting the stage for this homage to the 1978 Carl Sagan version of The Cosmos, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson continued the story where the first program left off. The first in the series gave a broad overview of evolutionary cosmology replete with the Big Bang beginning of everything and the 13.8 billion years of history associated with the atheistic and agnostic version of reality.

Dr. Tyson began this episode by placing man in an Ice Age version of “a hunting and a gathering we will go.” Yes, these primitive, newly evolved from their ape-like common ancestors were facing the harsh living conditions and dangers of their world. It was the perfect time to once again introduce the “bait and switch” tactic that the devotees of Darwin are famous for. They used our Ice Age setting to introduce the dangers of roaming wolves. Then they cleverly noted that the domesticated version of these wolves, man’s best friend, could warn our ancestors of dangers that might approach. While it is accurate to note that the original wolf or dog kind gave rise to all the varieties of the tame version of this creature, all of these creatures remained dogs. Dr. Tyson gave a node to the selective breeding process that gave us all of the breeds of dogs, but he failed to note that this is not an example of the vertical changes necessary to demonstrate Darwinian evolution. It is an example of Intelligent Design and not the allegedly blind process of evolution.

That takes me to the next point, all of these dogs remained dogs, just as Darwin’s famous finches all remained finches. Nowhere did Dr. Tyson admit that what he was illustrating was adaptation, not the molecules-to-men story of the evolution of life. When it came to time illustrate what Darwinian evolution really says happened, the producers used hand drawn illustrations of microorganisms -> multi-cellular organisms -> shellfish -> fish -> amphibians -> mammals -> to apes -> to man. That is exactly what Darwin’s Theory of Evolution really represents. It is an entirely imaginary “just-so” story of how a microorganism became a man and every life form that has ever existed.

Did I forget to say that the powers behind this series included the statement that global warming was going to bring the polar bears to the brink of extinction? Well, they managed to say so when using the same old bait and switch evidence while explaining how natural selection created polar bears from brown bears. Never mind that they are exactly the same animal with different fur color. That was not included in this presentation. Then the series provided natural selection a.k.a. the survival of the fittest and the ever-illusive beneficial mutation as the mechanisms of change replete with god-like abilities to create animals that look like plants and plants that look like animals.

While Dr. Tyson explained that Darwin thought that our eyes were intelligently designed, he then took us back to a time when there were creatures that could see. He then gave the “just so” story of the evolution of sight. I will not bore you with this magical myth of materialism other than to say it begins with a microorganism that underwent a beneficial mutation that left it with a hole in its cell wall. This became the first creature to be able to discern the difference between light and darkness. Now we fast forward to the flatworm that somehow had dimples evolve in its pigment spots. Then it deepened and contracted into a pin hole. Then, as Dr. Tyson put it, “the visual equivalent of an arms race began.” He went on to describe the development of a lens and the pin hole enlarged and “hi def” eyesight happened.

Dr. Tyson explained that “nature” does not re-create anything from scratch, but it only re-shapes existing structures. He went on to pontificate that “small changes over time” were responsible for the evolution of sight, and that “we find eyes at every stage of development in nature and all of them are functional.” You could say that the evolution of the eye is the mother of all evolutionary “just so” stories, as Dr. Tyson summarizes, “the complexity of the human eye poses no challenge to evolution by natural selection.” Really, we are supposed to believe this purely imaginary story because Dr. Tyson and others say it happened? You know that evolutionists tell us that sight evolved, not once, but at least twice? They call it convergent evolution and they insist that vertebrates and octopuses developed the camera eye independently.

 There is not one shred of evidence that their incredibly oversimplified version of the evolution of sight has any basis in reality. And, like so many of evolution’s “just so” stories, we are to believe it, because evolutionists say it happened this way? I guess that their “we say it happened this way, so it must have happened this way” is working for them. Well, maybe not since recent Gallup Polls indicate that the majority of Americans continue to reject Darwinian evolution in favor of “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” Gen. 1:1. Remember, similarities in function are due to the Creator’s original design. Eyes were created for the purpose of allowing creatures to see. Similarities are a feature of the purpose for which they were designed, not some evolutionary relationship to some as yet undiscovered common ancestor.

He finishes this segment by adding, “The eye and all of biology makes no sense without evolution.” Then he made sure that everyone understood that the Theory of Evolution is a scientific fact, just like the Theory of Gravity. Never mind that you can test the Theory of Gravity and you cannot test the Theory of Evolution using the scientific method. Never mind that the mechanisms of Darwin’s theory, natural selection and beneficial mutation, have been challenged by several prominent evolutionists. They are on record as considering them to be inadequate to provide the changes necessary for molecules-to-men evolution. [The Altenberg 16: The Exposé of the Evolution Industry, 2009, by Suzan Mazur, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.]

At this point, I heard Dr. Tyson reassure his audience that evolution is really “solid science as well as a soaring spiritual experience.” Dr. Tyson calls the process of evolution blind, because it could not foresee any of the five cataclysms Dr. Tyson is going to allude to as being game changers for the evolutionary paradigm. He refers to the “Halls of Extinction” as representing “the broken branches in the tree of life of millions of species.” I assume he is referring to the evolutionary phylogenetic trees that evolutionary guru, Professor Stephen Jay Gould, noted, “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persist as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils ….We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life’s history, yet to preserve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the very process we profess to study.” [Stephen J. Gould – “Evolution's Erratic Pace,” Natural History, vol. 86 (May 1987), p. 14.]

When creationists use the above noted quote, evolutionists cry foul and claim we have misrepresented Dr. Gould’s belief concerning this matter. They are correct that, in spite of this quote, Gould remained a devout devotee of Darwin. That does not change the fact that his characterization is accurate. The phylogenetic trees of evolution are completely imaginary. There is no need to look to worldwide cataclysms as reasons for broken branches because the entire construct lacks scientific merit. It is like the hand drawn illustrations of fish becoming amphibians and amphibians becoming mammals, is more of the fanciful “just so” stories in support of an imaginary tale of life on planet earth.

Dr. Tyson introduced the first of these cataclysmic events with the story of the age of the trilobites. He characterizes them as the first creatures to evolve image forming eyes and adds that they hunted in herds. All were “swept away” and became extinct because of volcanic eruptions in what is today known as Siberia. This occurred when there was only one continent and one huge ocean. These pulsing eruptions heated the earth and halted the circulation of currents in the ocean causing the extinction of everything except microorganisms. Dr. Tyson continued to relate that 9 out of 10 of all species went extinct in what he labeled “the Great Dying.” I may be a tad skeptical concerning this mass extinction considering that even evolutionary biologists consider the modern-day horseshoe crab to be a relative or a distant cousin to the prehistoric trilobites as both of them belong to the phylum Arthropoda.

Then, a mere 10 million years later, life has recovered with a vengeance and the dinosaurs began to rule the world. They reigned for another 750 million years until the next mass extinction took place. Rather than giving us the speculation concerning the mass extinction of the dinosaurs (I’m sure we will get that in a subsequent episode), Dr. Tyson introduced us to the minuscule Tardigrade or water bear. This unusual and amazing little fellow can fit on the head of a pin and, according to Dr. Tyson, could survive anywhere including an excursion into outer space. He told us that this little creature survived ½ a billion years including all five mass extinctions. Then he used this to segway into astrobiology and the possibility of life on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

For those of you, who have never heard of astrobiology or knew that you could major in this and actually become an astrobiologist, let me explain. This is a subsection of astronomy that deals with the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Those who are given to imaginary worlds where anything goes can speculate wildly, as Dr. Tyson actually did, and no one is allowed to question them. After all, how do we know that we won’t find a world somewhere in the vast universe where oxygen is replaced with inhaling hydrogen and instead of CO2 methane will be exhaled. This is what passes for science when evolutionists are in control of the educational institutions from kindergarten to graduate school.  

Dr. Tyson finishes this episode by noting, “the greatest story science has ever told is the story of life on our world.” Then he continues, “no one knows how life started.” Then he tells the audience that “the only shame is to pretend that we have all the answers.” At this point, I had to back the DVR up and listen to it again; just to be sure I was hearing him correctly. He had previously told us that evolution was a fact of science, like gravity. And now he feigns humility. He finishes by glibly stating, “Those are some of the things molecules do given 4 billion years.”  

The fact is that secular scientists are bent on explaining reality via purely materialistic means. They will go to great lengths to tell us how awesome our universe is, but they refuse to give to God the glory due Him. They continue to speak as if they actually have all the answers. That is because Darwinian evolution has become the religion of the modern secular scientist. It cannot possibly be falsified, because it explains everything perfectly. As Dr. Tyson already noted, “the eye and all of biology makes no sense without evolution.” That is only true if you reject the true Creator of life, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The One who created everything is the living Word of God Who, “in the beginning,” spoke the universe into existence in six literal 24-hour days and rested on the seventh day declaring all of it to be, “very good.”