Alcanzando Colombia

Our National Outreach: CSI South Florida

We are currently working towards meeting our goal of reaching the Hispanic community with the gospel of our great God and Savior. The Hispanic/Latino residents of South Florida comprise 48.6% of the population and 22.5% of the populace statewide. We have been meeting with Hispanic/Latino churches in the South Florida area over this past year. Hispanic schools and churches have participated in our Creation Discovery Museum programs but there are many more that we need to reach with the Creation message. Most of the Hispanic churches and schools just like those throughout America do not have a concrete biblical foundation with strategies and resources to counter act the false science of evolution and horrific consequences that will follow. Our ministry being at such a strategic location, South Florida, we can make a strong impact for Christ and His gospel. Our vision is to produce a program using our expertise of 25 years in Creation ministry to address this need. It is clear to us that the development of a bible based science curriculum would not only impact the Hispanic community of South Florida but have the potential to impact Central and South America.

Our International Outreach: CSI Colombia

Although there many who claim in Central and South America to be Christian there is a real need for the true meaning of Gospel. Presently there is a resurgence of evangelicalism in these regions creating a great opportunity to spread the Gospel. Unfortunately, along with this vibrant growth of the Gospel there are many struggling with the menace of communism that is steadily making its way although these poor regions. Many of the Government leaders are moving towards America's secular evolutionary model of science loosing the sight of the Creator and Savior. Now like never before there is need for the Creation message.

We now have an opportunity to outreach into one of these regions and make a significant difference for Christ. Through a set of God ordained experiences the foundation has been laid for CSI to establish its presence in Colombia, SA. Our vision is to establish the first international CSI chapter in Colombia, SA.

Our Goals:

(1) Equip the local Christian community through Leadership Training Courses and Creation Conferences
(2) Establish a Museum showcasing God’s wonderful design in his Creation to the community at large
(3) Develop Spanish-language science curriculum with a biblical perspective for use in Christian schools


Our Partnership:

We are excited to announce a partnership with Dr. Edgar Palacio Mizrahi, president of Seminario Teologico John Knox in Barranquilla, Colombia. We are working together to establish the first Creation Institute in South America and the first Creation Museum.

Creation Studies: Colombia will be the first ministry of its kind in a region that is gripped by spiritual and political turmoil.

Dr. Edgar Palacio and Tom DeRosa
Dr. Edgar is the new director of CSI: Colombia or Instituto de Estudios Creacionistas in Colombia. He began praying 20 years ago for the formation of a center for education and popularization of scientific creationism, this is, scientific research based in the biblical or Judeo-Christian worldview.

God has answered his prayer, and also provided through Creation Studies Institute the tools needed to dismantle the devastating lie of the theory of evolution or macroevolution: the atheist and materialist explanation of the origin of universe, life, animals, and man. Lies that demolish the foundations of science, ethics, and human dignity and upon which Colombia's political constitution from 1991 is based.

  Work is underway...

We are pleased to share with you that CSI sent our Hispanic Outreach Leader, Johnny Maury, M.Sc., to Colombia in June to join with Dr. Edgar Palacio who is our lead coordinator. They were invited to visit three top Christian schools (K-12) in Santa Marta and Barranquilla. Johnny and Pastor Palacio presented CSI Colombia’s vision/mission to Headmaster Wilmer Castaneda, faculty and church leaders at Colegio La Esperanza in Santa Marta. They also met with the headmasters of Colegio Cristiano Peniel and Boston International School in Barranquilla.

During these visits, CSI witnessed a deep need to incorporate the creationist message into the schools science curriculum. Although these are Christian schools they are inundated with the lie of evolution using Government texts. CSI committed to partner with the school leaders for initial translation efforts in Fall 2015 and start incorporating a Creationist perspective in classrooms Spring 2016. In addition, Colegio La Esperanza offered to have a CSI Creation Museum in school property so that their community would be blessed with the fossil evidence of the creation model. Work is underway in South Florida to develop the initial exhibits for the Colombia Museum. CSI has already assembled a task force that will help to translate our resources into Spanish.

It should be noted that Dr. Nelly Cadena, president of the Santa Marta City Council has expressed an enthusiastic support for CSI’s plans for the Colombian outreach. She eagerly proposed to Johnny and Dr. Edgar that our initiative should include both conferences and courses that would equip the Christian community including their children with the truths of creation. We are excited to work with her in the future as she offered her support to CSI Colombia, volunteering to serve in CSI Colombia Board and to help recruit leaders in the city’s Christian community to participate with us.

The Holy Spirit that has been working on our hearts and minds to make a difference in South America. Almost every person that was contacted during Johnny’s trip to Colombia was enthusiastically supportive of the CSI ministry and vision.

Right now, there is an open door in Colombia for the creationist message to be shared in schools and churches. This door may not remain open that long. As we have seen in our own country, the Bible has been removed from our public school classrooms and most colleges and universities. We understand, “where God guides, He provides.” He has faithfully provided this ministry with the resources necessary to trust and obey Him through the generous donations of our dedicated supporters.

As we continue to move forward, please consider partnering with us in this new outreach. We are in need of prayer warriors, volunteers, and financial support. Prayerfully consider ways you can get involved. For financial support click here. If you would like to volunteer, please call the office at 1.800.882.0278 and ask for Johhny.