Steven Rowitt, Ph.D.

Pastor Steve has been an Ordained Minister of the Gospel since 1982. He has worked for 20 years in the medical laboratory as a Certified Medical Technologist (Licensed Clinical Laboratory Supervisor, Retired).  He has a B.S. degree in Health Sciences, a Th.M. (Theology) and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences. He has served the Lord as the Senior Pastor of Biblical Alternatives Fellowship as well as the Chief Technical Advisor for the Creation Studies Institute. All that he is, and all that he has achieved, is due solely to the grace of God found in the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. 

We Are Creatures of Habit

Behavioral specialists tell us it takes approximately 21 days to condition a new habit into existence. Doing some repetitive behavior daily for 21 days will condition a human being into a habitual behavior pattern. Here’s an experiment you can try.

How to Know the Truth

After the Messiah’s arrest, the Sanhedrin brought Him before the Roman prefect (governor) of Judea, Pontius Pilate. The reason that they did this was twofold. First, for a public execution, the Jewish authorities were required by the laws of Rome to ask their occupiers to pass judgment and carry out the death sentence.

How Should We Then Live?

In 1976, a very intelligent and dedicated man, Francis Schaeffer, wrote a book entitled How Should We then Live?: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture. It began in Switzerland in 1955 when Francis and Edith Schaeffer decided in faith to open their home to be a place where people might find satisfying answers to their questions and practical demonstration of Christian care.

How lovely is Your dwelling place O’ LORD, almighty!

This is the opening verse of Psalm 84. Unlike the majority of the Psalms that are attributed to the pen of King David, this Psalm was penned by the sons of Korah. In various Old Testament passages, the Korahites or the Korahite families are counted like the other Levitical families.

Holy Spiritual Maturity

We often speak about ‘growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord’ or what it means to be ‘spiritually mature. ‘There are Bible verses that equate our time in the kingdom of God as being analogous to the way a baby grows up into a mature adult, and even into old age:

We Should Have Great Expectations

Do we live our lives with great expectations? Do we act “as if” we really believed that we are in a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe? What prevents us from living our lives expecting God to do exactly what He has promised?

Great (super-mega) and Precious (costly & of great value, self-committed by God) Promises

As we end the year of our Lord 2013 and enter into 2014, we should take stock of what has transpired in our lives during the past year. Learning from our mistakes, allowing God to use them in our growth process, thanking Him for His great faithfulness throughout the year, acknowledging the importance His grace and mercy has been in our lives will allow us to move forward in our walk of faith.